iPhone 4 Tariffs Revealed by O2, Overall Cost of Free Handset £1170

Finally O2 UK has published their tariffs for the soon to be available iPhone 4, and apparently their iPhone 4 tariffs aren’t that dissimilar to rival Orange UK who outed their iPhone 4 tariffs a day previous, although O2 UK offer the 32GB version for £10 less.

According to Rich Trenholm, over on Crave, the same as most, O2 is offering the option to gain an iPhone 4 for free by opting for the top of the range tariffs which pan out as on an 18 month contract at £65 per month, or on a 2 year contract at £60 per month for a 16GB and is roughly £10 less than Orange on the same what you get deal.

Doing the math this means to get your “free” iPhone 4 you will have to shell out £1170 on an 18 month option and £1440 if you decide to go the 2 year route, which is hardly free in the end.

According to Trenholm, O2’s iPhone 4 tariffs look cheaper and offer unlimited texts; however you do have to shell out a minimum of £40 a month to compete with Orange UK’s “across-the-board 750MB data cap.”

I guess the old saying still stand, nothing really comes for free and one way or another you will end up paying. So which tariff are our O2 readers going to go with?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Tariffs Revealed by O2, Overall Cost of Free Handset £1170”

  1. Eddie says:

    As an i-phone 3g O2 customer and with a job that takes me globally I have enjoyed the fact that I have 125 free texts to the UK every month from anywhere in the world (Used to be 4 from my free bundle for every 1 text sent from abroad on my old regular phone tarrif)
    Can anyone tell me if, as part of the i-phone 4 tarrifs I am still going to be allowed a certain amount of free texts from abroad as I do now with my i-phone 3g.
    Need to know before I decide to upgrade tomorrow
    Many Thanks

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