HTC Gets Tough on ROM Hackers

The mobile phone world is profusely littered with hacked software such as ROM’s and has basically become part of an accepted way of life in the mobile arena. A new smartphone hits and not too long after a hacked ROM gets pushed out.

We’ve seen hacked ROM for many a mobile device,, and usually it delivers extra features that don’t come with the official ROM, and mostly phone makers tend not to say anything and let it slip.

However, according to a Kat Hannaford article over on Gizmodo, by way of Shipped-roms, where you can view the HTC letter; HTC is starting to get tough with the ROM hackers and has sent Shipped-roms an official “cease and desist” letter, which notes that the website has copied HTC original artwork.

Furthermore, the letter states that it is a “serious criminal offence” in both the EU and the US along with “other countries where similar laws exist.” Apparently judging by the user comments on the website it looks like the Android community is somewhat hacked-off at HTC right now.

So what do our readers think, should HTC take this course of action over hacked ROMs, or should the hacker community be allowed to continue their work in making devices that much better for the public?


2 thoughts on “HTC Gets Tough on ROM Hackers”

  1. Kaffeguy says:

    If the phone manufacturer is willing to develop ROM's, as soon as they are available I don't see why one needs to hack their mobile phone. When Gingerbread android 2.3 comes out HTC should have the 2.3 available to install no later than 60 days once released. It is a win/win situation. HTC has come a long way. They make plenty of money off consumers for the products they sell. They should have developers working on ROM's at the same time with the platform distributors. They may be better off. If customers now they will have their device updates within 60 days one will be thinking before buying another brand.

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