iPhone 4 Promo Spoof Video that was Banned

I’m not too sure who banned this iPhone 4 spoof video or even why other than perhaps Apple didn’t like someone taking the mickey out of their latest baby, but being banned doesn’t seem to stop the spoof from being on YouTube, so we have it for your viewing consumption.

The iPhone 4 Promo Spoof video comes to us courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile, and lasts just over two and three-quarter minutes of poking fun at the new iPhone 4, so that’s probably why it was banned.

The video starts off by saying the iPhone 4 is so much more than a new phone, “it is a new phone,” and then moves onto Apple’s big feature FaceTime, which the guys says, and probably the main reason the video got its ban, “It’s going to change the way we think about phone sex.”

Anyway I don’t want to spoil your viewing pleasure, so I’ll stop there and let you mash that play button and enjoy watching the mickey being taken out of Apple’s latest device, not for the iPhone faithful though I think…enjoy.

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