HTC Droid Incredible Bug, Fix On Its Way

The other day I posted that the HTC Droid Incredible had been reported has seeing some issues with a bug, that article you can refresh your memory on by hitting up (here). Well apparently HTC is ware of the problem.

According to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner, by way of the Boy Genius Report, HTC has now managed to recreate the problem and is currently working on a fix which will be released as a software update soon.

So all you HTC Droid Incredible owners out there need to keep an eye open for the bug fix in the not too distant future, which will hopefully sort out the problem. However, if you are thinking of passing your HTC Droid Incredible along to someone else, here’s what to do to make sure info is removed before doing so.

You can manually delete the thumbnails by hitting up the “Settings” menu, next select “SD Card and Phone Storage”, and then select “Format Phone Storage,” this will then delete all files in internal storage including image and music files so back up anything you wish to save.

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