iPhone 4 Release will see 243 O2 Stores Open Early

It appears that O2 want to get a slightly early jump on the iPhone 4 when it is released on Thursday as O2 is planning on opening over half of its 400 stores early in anticipation of demand for the new device.

According to a report by Mobile Today, O2 intends to open 243 of their stores across the UK as 8:02am on the 24th of June. I a bit surprised they didn’t opt for the just after midnight time for opening.

Although according to recent reports if you are a new customer there may not be any point in standing outside your local O2 store as O2 has limited the iPhone 4 to existing customers only until the end of July, I guess they just aren’t interested in taking on new customers at the moment.

However, I’m sure if you can’t get the new iPhone 4 from O2 due to their existing customer’s only tactic, there will be several other options available if you really want the iPhone 4, such as Vodafone, Orange, and others.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Release will see 243 O2 Stores Open Early”

  1. Adam says:

    o2 are missing a big batch of customers here! I wouldnt go with o2 even if I had the chance cos their 3g signal near where I live is shocking, however this is really shocking news…. People are going to jump to Vodaphone and Orange now… Bad move o2.

  2. Kris says:

    I agree with O2′ policy of upgrading existing customers first – what a great way to reward loyalty! It’s not that O2 don’t want new customers, obviously the iP4 will sell out almost instantly so why not reward existing customer. Great idea!

  3. Chris says:

    It’s not that o2 aren’t looking for new customers, it’s the fact that there just aren’t enough iphone4 to sell just yet. Carphonewarehouse warehouse are stocking just 20 iPhones so if your number 21 in line you might swell go home and wait another month. I think it’s fair that customers who have bin with o2 more than 6months get first digs just to keep there customers happy. They will prob think about introducing more when more iPhone become available.

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