Flash 10.1 for Mobile Launched by Adobe

If you are an Apple fan this probably wont interest you as Apple is so down on Flash, but for the rest of the mobile phone world it appears that Adobe has now launched Flash 10.1 for Mobile, just 2 weeks after launching the desktop version.

According to an article over on Mashable by Stan Schroeder, the only problem with this launch is that Adobe Flash 10.1 will initially only be available for Android 2.2 smartphones which kind of limits its deployment somewhat.

Apparently Adobe has also shipped Flash 10.1 for mobile to other partners so it is expected to become available on BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Palm webOS, Symbian and other platforms in the not too distant future.

Word is Adobe has redesigned Flash 10.1 for mobile and now supports multi-touch, device rotation, accelerometer aided, and smart zooming, and Adobe expects to have Flash 10.1 for mobile on in excess of half of all smartphones by 2012, with of course the exception on the iPhone and the new iOS 4.

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