iOS 4 Enables Apple to Store and Share Your Location Info

As long as you don’t really care about anyone else knowing your location it shouldn’t be a problem to you but the word is Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 4 allows Apple to keep tabs on your whereabouts and even share that info with others.

According to an article over on i4u by way of Gizmodo, there is a new paragraph in the software licence which apparently enables Apple to collect, store and share your location data and includes real-time geographic location of your Apple product.

Of course Apple makes some clarification that any info collected with be done so anonymously, but installing iOS 4 means you are now giving Apple your permission to store said info and share it with whatever third-party they wish.

Logically the collected info will be tied to your Apple device by way of the unique ID number which is basically the only way to track location moves along with being the only way the feature can work with app developers and advertisers and thus doesn’t really make the storage of info anonymous like Apple says.