iOS 4 Folders, Want To Show Off Yours?

As you are no doubt aware one of the new features in iOS 4 is the ability to create folders, this is done by dragging a particular icon on top of another icon and thus the iOS 4 automatically creates a folder which you can name.

Each folder you create can contain twelve apps and you can place your folders anywhere you like on your iPhone including the dock. Well apparently Leanna Lofte over on TiPb wants to see the folders you have created on iOS 4 and wants you to send them in.

They have even set up a special forum where you can upload shots of your iOS 4 folders and you can find that by hitting up (here). They ask you to let them know how you are organising your folders, by workflow, category, or if you have any in the dock.

To capture a screenshot of your folders all you need to do is hold down the sleep button on your iPhone or iPod Touch whilst you click the home screen button,, simply, so get snapping and post your creative iOS 4 folders for the world to see.