iPhone 4 Reveals All in Teardown

Some people are already receiving their brand new Apple baby, the iPhone 4, and it just so happens that the teardown specialists have also managed to grab hold of the latest tech device from the Apple camp and of course have taken the sexy beast apart for all to see.

Yes those, ‘rip a phone apart’ guys over at ifixit have in their possession a shiny new iPhone 4 and have now set about stripping the device of all its dignity screw by tiny screw and photographing each step for us all over four pages and 26 steps.

The iPhone 4 as one would expect comes installed with the new iOS 4 and has 32GB but gives 28.77GB of free space and the model number is A1332 which just happens to be a lower model number than the iPad which is A1337.

They do say though that replacing the front glass on the iPhone 4 is going to be somewhat of a challenge, while the inside of the iPhone 4 is dominated by its 1420 Li-Polymer battery, and they confirm 512MB RAM, so for the full exposure head on over to their website and check out all the images of the iPhone 4 in bits.

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