Android 2.2 Source Code Now Available

Probably not of much interest to your normal everyday Android smartphone toting public, but of great interest to the Android hacking and modding community, as Google has now made the source code for Android 2.2 Froyo available.

According to an article by Blake over on Intomobile, the guys over at Android.com have now released the source code to developers so they can cook ROMs a bit more easier and well with more code available greater things can be aspired to.

Of course it’s not just for developers as with the release of the Android 2.2 Froyo source code it means manufacturers can now get moving on their Froyo packing smartphones and make sure their custom interfaces can indeed play nice alongside Froyo.

So there it is now that the Android 2.2 source code is available we can expect some new goodness to be hitting the Android community in the not too distant future.

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