iPhone 4 Suffers Transmission Problems As Well: Video

Well as most are probably aware by now, the way you hold your new iPhone 4 can cause problems with reception, and Apple has basically said don’t hold it that way. Well as I posted earlier Apple will apparently be pushing out an iOS 4 update either on Monday or sometime in the week to fix the issue.

Well we have a video for your consideration today courtesy of Jack Loftus over on Gizmodo, the video is an unofficial ‘finger test’ with the iPhone 4 done by a guy called Mike, and apparently he has found that the problem with holding the iPhone 4 doesn’t just affect reception, but transmission as well.

Furthermore he says that a simple software fix simply may not be enough to solve the problem. In the video, Mike holds the iPhone 4 in what he says is an “Apple sanctioned manner” and then runs his finger down the antenna and pauses on the gap to bridge the antenna.

The best way for you to find out what happens is to jump down to the video, mash the play button and see for yourselves, but the effect his finger has seems to be fairly undeniable.


One thought on “iPhone 4 Suffers Transmission Problems As Well: Video”

  1. Brian says:

    So Apples answer to this massive problem is "don't hold it that way?" My reply to potential IPhone 4 customers…"Just don't buy it" ..until and if they manage to sort the problem out 100%… and soon.
    I'm sick of companies like Aplpe running roughshod over their customers …becasue they can.Don't allow them to and they'll have no choice but to remedy situations very very quickly.Simple

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