iOS 4 Update for Reception Problem on way

As you are probably aware there have been numerous reports that there is a reception problem with the new iPhone 4 which apparently stems from the way a user holds their iPhone 4 and comes in contact with a certain area of the antenna band.

Well according to a Rosa Golijan article over on Gizmodo, an article over on Apple Insider has it that there just might be an iOS 4 update being pushed out by Apple as soon as Monday or possible sometime during next week to resolve the issue.

Apparently this reception issue isn’t to do with the hardware, but rather the software. The fix will, well, fix a problem in iOS 4 which is related to “radio frequency calibration” of the baseband. Apparently the problem is believed to happen when switching frequencies due to the lag not being calibrated correctly.

The release of an iOS update this quickly is somewhat unusual for Apple, however considering the large amount of complaints hitting the net over this iPhone 4 problem, perhaps Apple decided to work rather quickly to get it resolved, that is of course if an iOS 4 update does resolve the problem.


2 thoughts on “iOS 4 Update for Reception Problem on way”

  1. Ron says:

    I heard the fix on reception is a software adjustment to add bars on the signal strength meter to fool us into thinking we are getting better signal.

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