EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, Nexus One, vs. iPhone 4 Comparison Videos

Yes well I could have made these into single posts but I thought what the hell, let’s put them all under one roof, and so we have three comparison videos for our reader’s visual pleasure today pitting the new iPhone 4 against the top three smartphones out there.

All three comparison videos come our way courtesy of Technobuffalo and are the HTC EVO 4G verses the iPhone 4, the HTC Droid Incredible verses the iPhone 4 and the Nexus One verses the iPhone 4, and can all be viewed below.

You’d better set aside a little time to view these videos as the HTC EVO 4G against iPhone 4 lasts a smidge over 20 minutes, the Droid Incredible comparison lasts almost 17 and a half minutes, while the Nexus One comparison lasts just over 19 minutes giving a rough total of just under the hour.

So rather than me go on an spoil it all for you I’ll stop there and let you hit up whichever comparison video you prefer or even all three, I’m sure there’s many an EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, or Nexus One owner out there who wants to see just how well their smartphone fairs against the iPhone 4 so take your pick and enjoy.

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