Change Droid Incredible Pre-order to Droid X?

As you are probably aware there seems to be a shortage with the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone, due to a couple of things, one the high demand for the device and second Samsung can’t keep up with supplying their Super AMOLED displays.

However, there may be a way forward if you have the HTC Droid Incredible on pre-order as according to an article by Florin over on Unwired View, an article over on Android Guys has it that Verizon is allowing those that have pre-ordered the Droid Incredible to change to another device.

The other device being the soon to be released Motorola Droid X, so apparently you can cancel your pre-order on the Droid Incredible and pre-order the Droid X instead.

The Motorola Droid X is expected to see release as of the 15th of July which could well be before any HTC Droid Incredible pre-orders are fulfilled, so will you opt to change your Droid Incredible pre-order to the Droid X?

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