Dell Streak Preferred to Samsung Galaxy S Says Poll

Now here’s a turn up for the books as it looks like the Dell Streak is more favourable a device than the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone even though the Dell Streak isn’t what one would call a mainstream mobile handset.

According to an article over on Electric Pig by James Holland, the guys ran a poll pitting the Dell Streak against the Samsung Galaxy S in a poll vote to see which device was more preferable to their readers, and so far the results show the dell Streak coming out tops.

According to the poll the Dell Streak has garnered 73.6 percent of the vote while the Samsung Galaxy S lags quite a bit behind with 26.4 percent of the vote, although what that relates to in readers voting hasn’t been posted.

The guys also pitted the Dell Streak against the popularity of the iPhone 4 in an earlier poll which also saw the dell Streak “streak” ahead with 59.64 percent in that poll. So what do our readers think, is the Dell Streak more popular than the Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone 4 in their view?

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