iPhone 4 iMovie Gets Ported to 3GS: Video

The new iMovie application has been specifically designed for the latest Apple device the new iPhone 4, but there’s nothing to say people aren’t going to try and port the iMovie app to other devices, and in this case iMovie has now been ported to the iPhone 3GS.

According to a Rosa Golijan article over on Gizmodo, the guys over at Redmond Pie have successfully found a way to shove iMovie onto the iPhone 3GS and apparently the application works quite well.

Naturally you will require your iPhone 3GS to be jailbroken and running iOS 4 for the port to work, but if you fancy your chances you can find the complete instructions of how to get the iMovie app onto your iPhone 3GS by hitting up Redmond Pie.

Before you do though, head on down and check out iMovie working on the iPhone 3GS video below, then if you do have a go feel free to let us know how you get on…enjoy.

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