Mario Live Wallpaper Plays Nice on Android: Videos

We have a couple of videos for Android fans today which show off the Mario Live Wallpaper for Android 2.1 and above handsets, and looks to be quite an entertaining live wallpaper to say the least as the little Italian plumber runs through randomly generated levels.

The Mario live wallpaper for Android comes our way courtesy of Ross Miller of Engadget, via Android Central and the Mario Live Wallpaper can be downloaded for free via the Android Market, and XDA-Developers.

The Mario live wallpaper features various themes such as outside, castle and underground and is customisable whereby the user can change the level of difficulty, and view alternate paths Mario has plotted, and no doubt this live wallpaper will have you gawking at your display even longer than usual.

The videos can be located below with the first lasting 1.14 minutes and the second lasting 2.08 minutes but gives a good idea of what the Mario Live wallpaper for Android is all about…enjoy.

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