Apple iPhone 4 Recall Poll: Vote Now

The new Apple iPhone 4 is a stunning phone but with its current problems surrounding the signal reception many customers are fuming and asking for a fix.

Well we know that Apple will be releasing a new software update that should fix the problem, we have been following the reception problem for a while now and Apple is being taken to court in the US, according to Fone Home the software fix that was planned fails to function as intended.

Apple was quick on the mark to speak out about the fix and stated that the software fault was affecting the bars that were displayed on the screen, this is where Apple should worry with the possibility of the iPhone 4 being recalled, if this happens it would put a major dent in the company.

I have personally held the iPhone 4 like I would normally hold it and you can see clearly the signal dropping (With O2 UK), if you look at the side metal rim around the casing you will see on both sides at the bottom 2 black lines, if these are covered with your hand you simply lose signal.

1.7 million Apple iPhone 4 smartphone’s have been sold to date since release and if the iPhone 4 recall comes into play this could be quite damaging for Apple and of course customers.

Please take a look below at our poll and choose the correct field as what you think, we cannot wait to see what you vote for.

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3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 Recall Poll: Vote Now”

  1. miker1892 says:

    I have the iphone 4 and this has not caused me a problem, change the way you hold the phone. However people should be given the opportunity to return the phone should they not wish to change the way they hold the phone.

    1. MarkOD says:

      Yeah, hold it the way phones have been held for over 50 years. Now we are all of a sudden supposed to change for Apple's phone??? They should have just put a protective clear coating over the antenna or something. How are we going to make excuses for a 200 billion dollar company. They have over 40 billion dollars cash in the bank. I have this phone and that "hold it a different way" is crap.

  2. Kelly says:

    I have been having dropped calls like crazy. I called Apple to day and was told by the Rep, "Apple is aware of the problem, and suggest you hold the phone a certain way" I could not beleive my ears. Are they crazy, to suggest this nonsense.