iOS Verses Android the Developer Wars

It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise that Apple has the biggest amount of applications in their App Store when compared to rather young application stores such as Android, and it’s not very often we get a look-see at just how many app developers are behind a given operating system.

However we do today because Vlad Savov of Engadget has posted an article by way of AppStore HQ that shows what they claim to be a complete listing of 55,000 plus coders whose apps are at the moment available via the iTunes App Store or Android Market.

They have been stacked into 3 categories of developer, Apple, Google and ‘Gapple’ which is basically cross-platform developers who develop for both operating systems. It shows that single program development is the largest which Apple obviously commanding the bulk.

However according to the article there is also some well known apps entering the cross-platform device which suggests that there is a small movement towards delivering software to both users of Android and iOS. Basically the figures show that 4,185 Devs work on iOS, 10,199 on Android and 1,412 on cross-platform.

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