HTC Aria Comes With 4G According to Best Buy

Yep apparently the HTC Aria is a 4G enabled smartphone if you believe an ad by Best Buy. Making somewhat of an embarrassing faux par with advertising, Best Buy Mobile displayed the HTC Aria on the front of their Mobile Buyers Guide showing 4G connectivity.

According to Kelly Hodgkins of the Boy Genius Report, a reader noticed the unusual 4G icon and apparently was quick off the mark in pointing out that the Android packing HTC Aria doesn’t actually support 4G and runs on a network that doesn’t support 4G either.

Obviously stock images are bandied about on marketing materials but you would have thought that the advertising for the Mobile Buyers guide would have at least proofed the ad first and made sure no mistakes were on the main cover.

Still as they say, anyone can make a mistake, so don’t go ordering the HTC Aria from best Buy thinking it is a 4G enabled handset because you’ll be somewhat disappointed…slapped wrist for some Best Buy ad guy I would think.


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