iTunes Accounts Hacked Raising Book App Sales

Deep in the sanctuary of the iTunes App Store something is amiss, some funny business seems to be going on whereby user’s accounts are being hacked and hundreds of bucks are being spent of books by Thuat Nguyen.

According to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner and by way of Engadget, app developers Nguyen’s books account for forty of the top fifty books in the App Store and are selling for $4.99 a go, yet despite saying they are in English they are actually in Vietnamese with virtually no customer reviews and no doubt even infringe on some copyrights.

Apparently Nguyen’s company is called “mycompany,” while his website is www.home.com, and it is believed that a large part of his books are “part of a large hack attack.”

No word from Apple on this subject yet, however apparently 9to5Mac is reporting the “mycompany” titles have vanished from the App Store. So the advice is to check your iTunes account and make sure none of your cash has been spent on any of these book apps, once check feel free to let us know if your account has been hacked and what if anything Apple is going to do about it.

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