Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Issue on Android

Apparently there has been a report that there is an issue with Adobe Flash 10.1 on Android Froyo in as much as it doesn’t allow silent mode and will play sound regardless of what mode the device is in, so if you are watching a Flash video in the browser you don’t get the option to silence the audio.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Blake, a rather frustrated Nexus One user sent an email to Android Guys about the issue saying that they tested the handset on other noisy Flash websites and all played audio even when the device was on silent.

Now one would have thought that silent mode is an essential mode on a mobile phone, there are times you need to cut the audio when watching a video or listening to music, but apparently for some strange reason Adobe Flash 10.1 on Android doesn’t seem to want to play ball with silent mode.

So, any of our Nexus One readers experiencing this audio issue? If so shout out and let us know by dropping us a comment in the area below…thanks.


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