Samsung Captivate and Fascinate Promo Videos

The Samsung Galaxy S device is hitting the US in a big way with all four top carriers offering the device, although know under different names such as the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint, Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile, Samsung Captivate for AT&T and Samsung fascinate for Verizon.

Well today we have a couple of promo videos for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Ionut Arghire over on Softpedia. The first promo video is for the AT&T Samsung Captivate and lasts just over two minutes of Captivate promotion.

The second video is for rival Verizon Wireless and the Samsung Fascinate, which again lasts just over the two minute mark. The Samsung Captivate should see release as of the 18th of this month while the Samsung Fascinate, well Verizon hasn’t announced the release date or pricing yet.

Basically the two devices are the same Samsung Galaxy S handset and even the promotional videos are the same with the exception of the Samsung captivate having a blue background while the Samsung fascinate has red to match the carrier’s colours. So which will you opt for if you want a Samsung Galaxy S?

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