HTC Droid Incredible In Stock at Amazon for a short while

The availability of the HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon Wireless keeps being delayed, but there was a chance if you were quick enough to grab an HTC Droid Incredible as apparently Amazon did have some in stock for a short while at least.

According to Kellex over on Droid-life, yesterday the 10th, Amazon was showing the HTC Droid Incredible as in stock, and he went through the purchasing process without actually buying the device and at no point did it come up as unavailable and was being sold for $149 on contract.

However if you want the HTC Droid Incredible you had to move fast because on checking today, Sunday the 11th, Amazon no longer has the “in stock” showing and thus one can presume they have all sold out.

No word on just how many HTC Droid Incredible devices Amazon actually had available for the short period, but it looks like they shifted pretty quickly, so did you manage to get your HTC Droid Incredible from Amazon?


One thought on “HTC Droid Incredible In Stock at Amazon for a short while”

  1. guestwhohatesiphone says:

    actually.. im on amazon right now in virginia.. and it says in stock…