iPhone 4 Accessory: Antenna Solving Glowing Decals

If Apple simply can’t solve the reception problem with the iPhone 4 antenna, basically the only option left open to an iPhone 4 user is to cover the antenna. Now you could slap another $30 in the Apple coffers for a bumper case, or you could opt for something else.

Something else like this glow in the dark iPhone 4 antenna vinyl decals which are brought to our attention by Jack Loftus of Gizmodo. These iPhone 4 vinyl decals cover the metal antenna of the iPhone 4 to create a protective barrier whilst helping to solve that antenna issue.

During the daytime these glow in the dark decals cover the antenna in a white film, but when it gets dark your iPhone 4 will light up with a luminous green edging thus enabling the user to locate their iPhone 4 in the dark without any problem.

The glow in the dark vinyl decals for the iPhone 4 come in sets of three are made from high quality five year vinyl and can be purchased from Etsy.


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