Motorola Droid X To Be Released Thursday

The latest and greatest device to stroll out of the Motorola camp to surf nicely on the Verizon Wireless network is the next in the line of popular Droid smartphones, the Motorola Droid X a fitting challenger to the iconic Apple iPhone.

According to an article by Debbie over on Shuttervoice, the Motorola Droid X will see release this Thursday the 15th of July, but suggest it would be too much to expect the Motorola Droid X to see the same huge sales quantity as the rival iPhone 4.

However, the article does suggest that due to the commotion over the new iPhone 4 and its antenna problem, new customers are bound to opt for the new Motorola Droid X due to Verizon playing their part in throwing light on the iPhone 4 issue which was a move purely intended to “drive more customers towards Motorola’s Droid X.”

Personally I can’t see the Motorola Droid X getting anywhere near iPhone 4 sales quantity and I’m not too convinced that the antenna problem with the iPhone 4 will actually send new customers running to snatch the Motorola Droid X, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Motorola Droid X To Be Released Thursday”

  1. Montobon says:

    I am getting the Droid x because of apples antenna problems. Not worth dealing with a bad service and bad antenna placement. It is after all a phone. Alot of people who have waited before ordering a iphone to see what problems it may have will be choosing elsewhere.

  2. shri says:

    Apple reception problem is really going to affect their sales, and seriously the Motorola products are so good in quality, and obviously android is alternate platform for best smart phone to have one.

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