Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Patches Signal Strength!

There is a new Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 update in beta stages for developers; you do need to be a registered dev according to TechTree.

We are all aware of the signal reception problem aka ‘Antenna Death Grip’ and this update will not fix most of the issues on the new Apple iPhone 4 but it has been said to patch the software problem of the signal strength bars displaying the signal strength incorrectly.

Below we have also added a video for you to watch courtesy of MobileCrunch, head on over to the iPhone Dev Center for more information about the Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 software update.

If you are still experiencing problems with reception please head on over to our poll we started earlier today and vote now, also just a reminder that tomorrow Friday 16 Apple is holding a press conference and 10am PT.


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Patches Signal Strength!”

  1. the update actually helped my phone out alot. at first i was apethetic that the update would even do anyhting but i really do see a differance in the areas i now get service in that i didnt before and barley any more dropped calls. props to apple…… still want those bumbers tho!

  2. Chandler says:

    update is really cool, 3G runs a lot faster, however i notice ill get 3 bars where i used to have full and full bars where i had like 3 but i dont think it matters it stills seems to run just as fast in both places. However ive been having issues with texting, ill get a text a 6 and it says it was sent at 2 i dont understand why this is and i havnt found a 100% effective fix for it. Any Suggestions?

  3. DC4460 says:

    I was a bit suspect if the update would make any improvement to my 3G but to my suprise it has. Hats off to apple for at last doing something right with there updates. I noticed immediately the apps would open and run smoother, the Ipod didn't stutter when I tried and open other apps why playing tunes. I noticed that the maps and even satnav runs quicker but best of all was when i got to work this morning. Normally i would not get that good of a reception and even lose calls sometimes but this morning i even noticed it was holding 3G network quiet good so I tried it out and downloaded a 18 song album off itunes and the phone didnt even struggle and downloaded the album in no time. Frist impressions are very good.

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