Verizon iPhone Being Tested? Apple Has CDMA Cell Sites

After Steve Jobs made the announcement at the Apple press conference yesterday, he sat down for a round of questions and answers and something quite interesting was revealed that may shed a little light on one of the big questions surrounding the iPhone.

According to an article by Rosa Golijan over on Gizmodo, the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac picked up on a certain question to which the answer was “We’ve got a strong signal here. We have AT&T and Verizon cell sites on campus.”

So Apple has Verizon CDMA cell sites, which then brings up the question why would Apple have Verizon cell sites if there is no CDMA iPhone? Apparently cell sites, especially those on private land are quite expensive, so if Apple has invested in the Verizon cell sites they must have a good reason.

Which could be taken as Apple has the Verizon cell sites on campus so they can test a CDMA iPhone, which seems fairly reasonable to presume, and again why invest cash in something you are not going to use? This all leads to the speculation that perhaps that Verizon iPhone is still on the cards for some future date.

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