Is Google Nexus Two Dead?

Apparently the last batch of Nexus One devices have been received by Google and once these smartphones have sold that’s it no more Google Nexus One superphones as Google decided back in May to close their online store.

Thus according to an article over on PCworld by Harry McCracken, Google will end their experiment with direct sales to the mobile populace once the last Nexus One handsets are gone.

However one big question remains looming, which is does the death of the Nexus One mean the death of the Googlephone and thus the mobile world will never see the Nexus Two?

Will Google simply sit back and let mobile phone makers do with Android as they see fit from now on, or will Google take the opportunity to deliver a handset that fits their vision of what an Android device should be? Will the mobile community see the Nexus Two in the future? Only Google can answer that question.


3 thoughts on “Is Google Nexus Two Dead?”

  1. Guest says:

    As far as I know, they're going to ship the Nexus One to other retail stores. There's a chain mentioned that I'm not familiar with since it's not in Texas.

  2. This phone I brought from Texas by e-mail and is really fast phone but it is not that much smart ass when you call some one again you will not see his name on the top of the phone list like HTC doing.. also if you try to call many people or the family of Mr. John, the phone list will not come back to the same family name to talk to the other… still you have to punch J O H again to get them back.

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