Adobe AIR 2.5 FlashTime, Android Answer to iPhone 4 FaceTime

Well you didn’t think for one minute that Apple was going to be to only platform to get in on the video calling craze with their FaceTime did you? It appears with the help of Adobe, Android is pushing into the face-to-face video calling game as well.

According to an article over on i4u by Robert Evans, Adobe, who aren’t liked that much by Apple anyway, has created a new application which will apparently enable developers to create a wide range of video calling apps.

We have a short demo of Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android which has also been dubbed “FlashTime” and comes our way courtesy of Hexus and shows Adobe AIR 2.5 running on a Nexus One smartphone. Although Flash Platform Evangelist and developer, Mark Doherty says the service is working but certain features may not make it to the v1 product.

So hit up the video below and check out Adobe AIR 2.5 “FlashTime” which enables two Android devices to video conference, and will no doubt do nothing for Adobe/Apple relations…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Adobe AIR 2.5 FlashTime, Android Answer to iPhone 4 FaceTime”

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  2. sniktrunning says:

    Has everyone forgot that Video calling has been around (in the UK at least) since 2002/03??!!!

    I got my first 3 phone then when i was at Uni. loved video calling. I used video calling on most of my Nokia devices after that too (N95 was great for it).

    Now Apple comes along with FaceTime and it's brand new craze??!! Gah!!!

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