T-Mobile Launched HSPA+ in Another 24 Cities

T-Mobile has officially announced the launch of their HSPA+ network to an additional 24 cities in the US, which means with the launch in these extra cities T-Mobile HSPA+ now covers in excess of 85 million people and takes T-Mobile closer to reaching their expected goal of 100 major metropolitan areas and 185 million people by the end of 2010.

According to David over on Tmonews, in additions to the 24 new cities T-Mobile has also expanded coverage in the Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles areas.

The additional 24 cities to gain HSPA+ are… ‘Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Waco, TX; Baltimore, MD; Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA; Birmingham, AL; Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton OH; Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, FL; Greenville, SC; Honolulu, HI; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; and Wichita, KS.’

Now with HSPA+ rolling out quite nicely what we need to know from T-mobile is just when will we see an HSPA+ mobile device hit the public arena as it’s all well and good rolling out the network but if there are no devices available that can use it…

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