LG Undergoes Reorganisation in the UK

Two top roles at LG UK have been removed as LG reorganises in the United Kingdom, a reorganisation which see the departure of LG sales director for networks, Christine Howard, and LG head of retail and distribution, Steve Fraser.

According to an article on Mobile Today, it is presumed the reorganisation of LG UK is a bid to deliver a “leaner structure” by removing a layer between account manager and sales director, and as a temporary measure Jim Michel, the global account managers is acting as sales director.

According to an LG source… “In the UK, LG has gone for a reorganisation — we took a layer out of the structure,” and sources claim the move is a natural progression to give LG the chance to reconsider their brand strength. While another source stated, “LG just does not have an acceptable range of smartphones. The vast majority of its sales are on a £15 a month handsets.”

It is believed that Steve Fraser has left LG to join another manufacturer which is aiming to launch in the United Kingdom later in 2010 while it isn’t clear whether Christine Howard has other employment plans.

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