80% Chance of T-Mobile USA Getting iPhone in Q3

There have been calls for Apple to place their iconic iPhone with a different carrier in the US for as long as the iPhone has been available as most are not that happy being with AT&T. The most favoured alternate US carrier for users has been Verizon Wireless, but it is looking like the Big Red won’t be the next carrier to offer the iPhone.

According to an article over on Cult of Mac, there is an 80% chance of T-Mobile USA becoming the second US carrier to carry the iconic iPhone in Q3 says a source which apparently works for T-Mobile but as normal doesn’t wish to be identified.

However, no new carrier will see the iPhone until Apple dumps AT&T, something that Apple seems to be reluctant to do for some reason. Verizon no doubt offer the larger customer base for the iPhone, but several analysts believe it would be easier for Apple to hand the iPhone to T-Mobile as like AT&T, T-Mobile is GSM and thus the iPhone wouldn’t need a major overhaul.

So it is looking more and more that the Big Red won’t see the Verizon iPhone on its network, and that it will be a T-mobile iPhone that will have the honour of being the second US offering, although as they say, nothing is fact until its been officially confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

We are currently running a poll on whether you prefer the iPhone on Verizon Wireless or on T-mobile USA and you can cast your vote by hitting up (here).

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