Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 or T-Mobile USA: Vote Now

According to many reports the Verizon iPhone could be made available late this year or possibly early 2011 once the AT&T exclusive contract with Apple ends, and of course if it is not renewed.

Well the latest news has it that the T-Mobile iPhone in USA might make it before Verizon according to TechCrunch, the possibility of Verizon gaining the iPhone would or should we say ‘could’ bring up the release of Sprint gaining the iPhone as well soon after. So that means Verizon, Sprint (Only a thought) and now T-Mobile.

So the T-Mobile iPhone may hit the U.S market before Verizon is something to think about, reports are coming in that the T-Mobile iPhone could be released within a couple of months and like rumour reports we take everything with a pinch of salt until confirmed official information has been sent to us.

Obviously T-Mobile will not comment on the possible release of the iPhone in the U.S as they only give official news and of course confirmed info, but apparently the above is 80-percent correct that the iPhone will release.

But after reading the above we thought we would delve a little more and try to find information if it is true and we came up with no solid evidence of this, but we did find via DeviceMag that the Verizon iPhone is unlikely to be released even though we have reported before about it being tested.

DeviceMag say that the Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone may never be included on the list and that this could possibly be down to the reception problems that have occurred since release and the fact that Verizon already have an array of smartphones with many more to be released.

Just out of curiosity we have set up a poll below where we asking if you would prefer the iPhone 4 with Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile, please do vote now as this will give us better feedback from the consumer and not media.

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2 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 or T-Mobile USA: Vote Now”

  1. Anna says:

    If I had any influence on Apple's decision at all, I would definitely push for T-Mobile. Their service is great, the Customer Svs are absolutely awesome, and the prices are the best on the market.

    However, IMHO the smartest thing Apple could do is release the iPhone to all carriers. No one would be able to catch up with Apple after that.

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