Windows Phone 7 Handset for Every Microsoft Employee

Apparently Microsoft is set on giving a Windows Phone 7 handset to their entire 90,000+ workforce around the globe according to a recent Twitter retweet of a Microsoft employee, which would no doubt give Windows Phone 7 a good boost at the start.

According to Chris Ziegler of Engadget, the retweet of the Windows Phone 7 handout was tweeted by Microsoft guru, @maryjofoley, with the retweet saying…” 90K down… just under 30 million to go: RT @simchabe: Woot. Every single microsoft employee will get a windows phone 7 #mgx”

Of course Microsoft dishing out Windows Phone 7 devices to their entire workforce will be good for word of mouth advertising and to be quite honest the action isn’t going to break the Microsoft bank is it.

However, before Microsoft do distribute their Windows Phone 7 devices they do need to make sure said devices are fully up to scratch and don’t have any issues, although no doubt any issues could be reported back to Microsoft before an open launch.

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