Motorola Sues Ex-workers and Hauwei over Trade Secrets Theft

The world of the mobile arena lawsuit seems to be a never ending battleground with company suing company left right and centre, and the latest of these to come to light is with Droid smartphone maker Motorola.

According to a Nilay Patel article over on Engadget, Motorola has filed a lawsuit against several ex-employees and Hauwei for conspiring to steal Motorola wireless trade secrets and other tech covering a period of years beginning back in 2001.

Apparently originally the lawsuit was filed back in 2008 against a firm called Lemko and 4 former Motorola engineers with Motorola claiming they conspired to pinch wireless technology trade secrets. However after deeper investigation Motorola has decided to file the new lawsuit which was filed on the 16th of July and names 9 more ex-employees along with Huawei and alleges they planed to steal plans for Motorola’s SC300, a 3G base station.

Apparently according to the complaint, some to the scheme came to light when one of the workers was arrested by Customs while en route to China carrying $30,000 cash and in excess of 1,000 pages of documentation on Motorola’s communications network technology.

Apparently another worker was arrested when they bulk purchased Motorola handsets and sent dump files and unlock codes for the purpose of reverse engineering to Lemko, although what relationship exists between Lemko and Huawei is unknown at the moment.

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