Apple Appoints New VP of Operations for Quality Control

Now one does have to wonder if this has anything to do with the iPhone 4 “antennagate” issue, or whether it is simply a coincidence, but apparently Apple has now appointed a new Senior Vice President of Operations who will be dedicated to making sure Apple products meet “the highest standards of quality.”

According to a Rosa Golijan article over on Gizmodo, an article on Apple Insider has it that Apple has appointed Jeff Williams to the new position, presumably due to the mess over the iPhone 4. However apparently there is also another reason Williams has been given the promotion.

Word is it is believed that Jeff Williams in being groomed to replace Apple’s chief operations office Tim Cook in the event that Cook will succeed Steve Jobs as Apple CEO if and when Jobs decided he’s had enough.

So does this mean that Apple is expecting Jobs to depart Cupertino in the not too distant future, or are they simply preparing themselves in case Jobs suddenly decides to call it a day and step down? Who knows, but it’s a good promotion for Williams.

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