Microsoft Wants Employees to make Apps with Free WP7 Handsets

The other day we posted an article informing that Mictosoft will be issuing a Windows Phone 7 device to every Microsoft employee across the globe, and you can refresh your memory of that article if you wish, by going (here).

However it appears there is an ulterior motive for Microsoft to hand out said Windows Phone 7 devices as according to an article over on Electric Pig, by way of TechFlash, an internal email has surfaced from Andy Lees, Microsoft’s head boy, asking said Microsoft employees to create Windows Phone 7 applications in their “spare time.”

Perhaps Lees feels that using the 900,000+ strong Microsoft workforce to make WP7 apps is a good way to ensure that there is a substantial apps library ready for the launch of Windows Phone 7.

To seemingly entice Microsoft workers into making Windows Phone 7 apps, Lees suggests making applications are a breeze, saying…“We’ve introduced a new employee developer program which makes it much easier for you to develop apps for Marketplace in your spare time.”

That’s one way to get a bundle of mobile apps sitting in your app store ready for the public launch of a device isn’t it, although whether it will pay off remains to be seen.

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