HTC Windows Phone 7 Device Out in Wild

It appears an unnamed mystery smartphone from HTC has been spotted in the wild and this little baby isn’t an Android device but rather packing Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, which is a turn up as so far all we’ve seen is Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets.

According to Ross Miller, over on Engadget, their tipster tells them that the 3 buttons under the display are touch sensitive much like the Google Nexus One, that the “hardware is ready,” and the device packs an 8 megapixel camera.

However apparently HTC isn’t skinning this mystery Windows Phone 7 handset with HTC Sense for some reason, and the word is that HTC is negotiating with 2 carriers in the United States, one being Verizon Wireless.

Other than that there are no more details with this new mystery smartphone coming out of the HTC camp, so just when the device is likely to start surfing the Big Red waves is anyone’s guess at the moment, but as soon as we know more we’ll pass it along.

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