iPhone jailbreaking Interview With Saurik: Videos

For all you iPhone jailbreak fans out there, on Saturday the 24th of July 2010 the guys over at Make It Work managed to get an interview with Jay freeman also know to the online world as Saurik whose efforts have directly contributed to the quantity of jailbroken iPhone handsets out in the mobile arena today.

There are two videos in the interview, the first lasting nine and a half minutes and the second lasting six and a half minutes and both come our way courtesy of the guys over at the Daily iPhone Blog by way of Ispazio.

Saurik wasn’t the first person to jailbreak an iPhone, that was Geohot, but Saurik knows a great deal about it, and delivers a brief history of jailbreaking for the viewing public who may not know what jailbreaking a device is.

So rather than me spoiling it all but putting the highlight here, set a little bit of time aside, sit back, hit the play buttons and enjoy Saurik explaining all about what Jailbreaking the iPhone is…enjoy.

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