Want a White iPhone 4 Right Now?

Well that’s a big question isn’t it especially when Apple hasn’t released the white version of their latest technological mobile marvel the iPhone 4, as they have delayed the release of the white coat iPhone 4 until the end of this month according to Steve Jobs.

However apparently there is a way you can get a white iPhone 4 right now, by doing it yourself. Yes folks you can transform your black iPhone 4 into a white iPhone 4 with the help of Whiteiphone4now.

Apparently they offer a “DIY White iPhone 4 Kit” at a competitive price, and following easy to use instructions from iFixit you can adapt your black iPhone into a white one for $299 for the complete white iPhone 4 kit.

However if you don’t fancy having a go yourself their partners Brokemyiphone will make the transformation for you at a cost of $54 plus shipping although you will need to supply the white iPhone 4 kit and an iPhone 4.

I guess it depends on just how bad you really want a white iPhone 4, but if you simply can’t wait it is another option, although an expensive one at that.

So would any of our readers contemplate going the DIY route with this offer?


One thought on “Want a White iPhone 4 Right Now?”

  1. strongfist says:

    Look no matter what Apple does they will continue to dig their own grave. I mean it does have some great features but white or not the iPhone 4 has major design flaws. Design should never come before function and usability. Apple seems to have forgotten that.

    I mean the iPhone 4 held the number one spot in the top ten ranking on pc world. Once Apple gave that press conference they took it down with out explanation. However, http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/ took a look into it. The results are rather interesting.

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