iPhone 4 Antennagate Affects Sales Says Study

We all know about the iPhone 4 antenna issue and what has become to be known as “Antennagate,” but will all the antenna issue with the iPhone 4 have any affect on sales of the device? Well apparently according to a recent study, that would be a yes.

An article over on The Inquirer says a study by Opinium Research has found that 57% of consumers will not purchase an iPhone ever. Apparently Opinium asked consumers about their reactions to the iPhone 4 antenna problem and found that despite Apple’s PR attempts many will not or are lees likely to purchase the iPhone 4.

Apparently 1 in 4 people were “less likely” to buy the iPhone 4 after the commotion over the antenna, and 57% said they had no intention of purchasing an iPhone 4.

Furthermore apparently 45% of iPhone 3GS owners have stated that the “backlash” has made them look elsewhere for their next smartphone.

The Managing Director of Opinium Research (PDF), James Endersby has said… “With 90 per cent of iPhone owners stating that they are satisfied with the level of service they receive, it’s interesting to compare how few people would now purchase an iPhone after the media attention surrounding the antenna fiasco.”

So what do our readers think, has Antennagate damaged the reputation of Apple and the iPhone to the extent consumers will turn to other smartphones?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Antennagate Affects Sales Says Study”

  1. ROB DJ says:

    I will wait until they fix it permanently before buying one. Shame though, looks like a good product even if it is more expensive than its competitors.

  2. Alls' well says:

    Just two questions. How many iPhone4 have sold in the first 4 weeks again?
    And if you were to combine the total smartphone sales for other brands over the same period how much more or less have they sold?
    Your article once again is very misleading. Why don't you ask current iPhone 4 users, yes all 3 million of them, if they would buy another iPhone. Maybe then your article would have some truth to it.
    Just the facts ma'm, not the ones that try to mislead your readers into thinking that sales of the iPhone 4 has suffered because of the antenna issue.

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