All 4 iPhone Versions in Battle of Speed Video

It’s not often you see all four versions of Apple’s iconic iPhone go up against each other, but we do today as we have a video for your viewing pleasure that pits the iPhone 2G against the iPhone 3G against the iPhone 3GS against the iPhone 4 in a speed comparison test.

The iPhone sped comparison test video comes our way courtesy of Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo by way of TUAW, and lasts almost three and a half minutes of iPhone speed comparison testing such things as Google Earth, Planets vs. Zombies app, and shutting down.

Naturally the latest iPhone baby to come out of the Apple tree does best in this speed comparison video, but just how well does the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G compare against the speediness of the new iPhone 4?

Well to find that out you’ll have to head on down below and hit the play button, will the iPhone 4 come out on top against its sister handsets in all things, go find out…enjoy.

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