Just How Easy is Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps? Video

Microsoft recently said every Microsoft employee would get a Windows Phone 7 device and that Microsoft wanted those employees to make Windows Phone 7 applications, so just how easy is it to make a Windows Phone 7 application?

Well apparently it’s considerably easier than creating an Android app. According to an article over on WMpoweruser by rush24, via Anand Iyer, a developer began creating a Windows Phone 7 application at 3pm and just a couple of hours later that app was up and running.

In fact the developer who also has an Android app in the making said that he started the Android app about 2 weeks ago and it is at about the same stage as the Windows Phone 7 app, meaning Windows Phone 7 app creation seems to be a whole lot easier and quicker than Android apps.

We have a video of the developer talking about his Windows Phone 7 application and gives a demonstration to prove just how easy it is to make a Windows Phone 7 app, so check it out and enjoy.

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