Modu 2 Android T-Phone Captured on Video

Not too long ago the rumour was Modu was working on bringing an Android touch screen device to the mobile arena which has been called the T-Phone and rumour had it that the Modu T-Phone will feature full 3G along with microSD expansion.

Well today we have a video of what appear to be the tiny Modu T-Phone captured out in the wild and comes our way courtesy of Tim Stevens of Engadget by way of the guys over at Phandroid and lasts almost one and three-quarter minutes.

It looks like this cute Modu T-Phone, also known as the Modu 2, runs an early version of Android maybe Android 1.6 and does look somewhat dwarfed when put up against the HTC G2 and the Apple iPhone.

Also apparently the T-Phone in the video which can be viewed below seems to lack 3G data and only pulls in data over WiFi but that could just be to an issue with the prototype which could be fixed by release time. Anyway hit that play button and check out the Modu T-Phone…enjoy.