RIM and AT&T Event Scheduled for August 3rd

Apparently BlackBerry maker Research In Motion along with iPhone carrier AT&T have scheduled an event for next Tuesday the 3rd of August, which at the moment we have no other details about.

However according to Nilay Patel of Engadget, Engadget have received an invite to the aforementioned RIM and AT&T affair, which they guess is being held to officially unveil the BlackBerry 9800 Slider along with pushing out BlackBerry OS 6.

That’s their best guess so I’m presuming they don’t have any official gist as to exactly what will occur at the RIM and AT&T event, but they will be doing live coverage so we’ll get every detail.

So what do you reckon, any ideas as to what RIM and AT&T will reveal at this event, or do you think Engadget’s guess is probably about right?

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