HTC Hero 2.1 Software Update Discussions and Problems

We are calling out to all HTC Hero users to let us know how you are getting on with Android 2.1 update; we want to know if it is good or bad.

The latest news reports via T3 that Orange will be releasing HTC Hero Android 2.1 aka Éclair update, we will let you know as soon as we hear of the release. We would love to know if Orange customers were a little frustrated that they did not get the Android update, suppose it is a little relief that it is coming within the next week.

Only Gizmos recently reviewed the Android 2.1 HTC Hero update and found Live Wallpapers, Voice to Text features and 3D Gallery was not included, but they have the answer to get Voice to Text on your updated HTC Hero.

If you have the HTC Hero please use the comments area below and let us know what you think of the HTC Hero 2.1 Software Update, thanks.


16 thoughts on “HTC Hero 2.1 Software Update Discussions and Problems”

  1. hurry up three says:

    Im with three UK and its a joke waiting for the htc hero update to 2.1. I have never had worse service with any other phone network. they dont even mention the 2.1 update on their website and all emails to them to date have been ignored. absolute shambles of customer service. Every other tom dick and harry have been enjoying the benefits of 2.1 on their top class hero but the good folk at three uk have decided to prolong the ongoing wait for their customers……never buying three uk phone again ever.

  2. Gareth says:

    I saw on Techradar that they have 2.1, and even link you through to a HTC webpage that has the ROM upgrade. However, when you try and enter the serial number it says that "this software is not suitable for your device". It would be nice to know if it is out or not so i can stop checking and just get a new phone in 6 months, as i feel we will still be waiting then……

  3. fed up phil says:

    three uk dont give a monkeys about their customers todays statement says it all come on how long have we been told about 2.1 we are payin their wages i spend over £100 a month on contracts and mobile broadband time to review wat i spend on second class service !! t mobile can do it orange done it sounds like they put the 2.1 for hero to the back of their list phone their call centers they cant tell you anything but rubbish sick off being fobbed off !! good bye three hello iphone !!!!!!! so fed up !

  4. Jez says:

    Jezle had the update on tmobile for a while now and there are a few issues.

    Firstly, the age old problem of the 3g hanging is still very much present. In addition to this, there is a new issue. The notification bar gets stuck down and the only thing to do is either abandon what you’re doing or take the battery out.

    Message numbers on mail and sms buttons now seldom update properly and you end up removing the button and replacing it. The mute and wifi buttons, even in the provider bar, take an age to work, so much so that you believe it hasn’t worked, so you press it again.

    On top of this, the lack of full functionality is a bit disappointing. It is a bit faster though.

    Thinking of rooting my phone…

  5. Mark says:

    Just a warning to those thinking of joining T-Mobile, I am leaving them and actually joining 3 as T-Mobile’s coverage is a joke, the customer service is shockingly bad and of all the networks I have been on (Voda and Orange), they are by far the worse for customer relations and answering customers questions.

    I’m happy to wait for the 2.1 update, I bought my Hero on 3 PAYG (coming off contract) and I find the phone pretty amazing. I can’t fault 3’s network coverage and the speed of internet use, and to be fair the customer service I have spoken to so far have been 100% better than even the best T-Mobile customer service.

    Roll on 2.1 update, I’m happy that 3 are taking it seriously and making sure all the bugs are ironed out.

  6. hurry up three says:

    I finally bit the bullet and debranded my hero and it is working like a dream! within seconds of debranding I got the first part of update and within half an hour I had the fully fledged 2.1 for android running on my hero. Advice to others….debrand your hero! (note debranding is not rooting and is much easier than rooting, it basically just removes all that network provider nonsense from your phone).

  7. I would love to know wot 2.1 does but my hero is on 3 the worst network I ever been on and and thats alot phoned them emailed them if you do get a response same answer its coming soon went to four 3 shops in two shop I had to spend most of the time ask the same basic questions no network would employe idiots all the shops tell you the same lie its coming soon been waiting six months

    1. hurry up three says:

      Jed you will find that most of the three staff are working from a script and all say the exact same thing (except for one employee in a local three store who told me they didnt sell the htc hero!!!!….very strange!). as for the upgrade, 2.1 doesnt bring many new features to the hero but those that are new are worth it. the new market place is very good! 2.1 does speed the phone up a lot! all in all its a good upgrade. i like the new feature of pinching the screen and all of your screens are shown as small tabs…very neat and saves you having to flick through the screens to get to the one you want (you will see what i mean when you do the upgrade). google goggles is very good and the navigation with maps is brilliant! Hope you get the upgrade soon. Has anyone any definite news on the three upgrade? if so can you post it here. when it comes out i might try it to see if they made any major changes (just to see if the wait was worth it).

      1. Chris says:

        Hi I received the message to invite me to update to 2.1 today from 3`
        I happened to turn off my phone this morning at church, when i turned it back on later, the invite message appeared!
        It gives you three options: download now / when using wi-fi (as it`s large download), / or later.
        I opted for: wi-fi (Even though the phone started trying to download right away?)
        When i got home, connected to charger, chose to download with wi-fi and it took about 35 mins in all. As the above report, the phone has snazzy new screens, seems a bit faster with u-tube and BBC I Player working better and marketplace easier. but the main improvement for me is that they have made the phone book and contacts much bigger to read, everything seems clearer and easier , the more i am looking, the more i can see improvements. i am impressed with it and i have had no problems and did`nt loose anything in the phone at all! pleased with with 3. Regards: Chris. (Essex Guitar Services).

  8. ilan says:

    just updated my HTC Hero (Three, UK) to android 2.1

    – many apps not working, most importantly:
    – skype on 3: force closes every time… this is a real shame
    – Google Listen: i can refresh my podcast list, but cannot download anything. get an error referring to SD card or something

    – overall look feel is very great
    – like seeing features in gmail etc that i wished they'd add when was on 1.5

    overall dissatisfied though because traded functionality for good looks…will probably see if there's a way to revert to 1.5 now.

  9. Jason Clifford says:

    There is a serious problem with my HTC Hero since it upgraded to Android 2.1. Internet sharing via USB no longer works – my laptop sees the Hero without problem, is assigned an IP address and route via DHCP on the USB interface and can send out packets however the Hero simply does not route the packets so the connection is a fail. I suspect the NAT processing on the Hero has been broken.

    Having retrained myself and waited for the official OTA update I am deeply disappointed as internet sharing is a vital function for me – right now I'm having to use pdanet to connect and type this in as I am far from any usable network and reliant on my phone. With PDANet or just using the phone internet access works just fine so I know the problem is not the internet connection from Three or my laptop (doesn't work in either Windows or Ubuntu).

  10. Andy B says:

    Firstly I'm on 3 UK and I can honestly say I'm gutted big time.
    At first I only saw the good points the pinch function was awesome
    And also the browsing speed then after the initial few days I noticed
    Massive problems.. my messages don't send all the time my phone
    Doesn't recognise certain telephone numbers now, my internet disconnects
    Whenever it feels like it and it takes a good few minutes to connect,
    When typing there is lag, my alarm doesn't turn off properly I have other
    Problems as well.

    And customer service is a joke I've posted posts on the forum and they don't
    bother answering me I phoned up customer service and told them the list of problems
    And they couldn't help me the gentleman I talked to told me he would get back in touch
    And he didn't bother.

    I feel the only option I have is to root it but then I lose my warranty I feel lost and helpless
    And I still have a year left on my contract lol I'm sick…

  11. Sherrry says:

    I am in Canada on the Telus network and got my update maybe a month ago. Never had a problem with the phone before the update. Now, it drops calls directly after dialing, it lags at times and more often then not it tells me that my texts haven't gone through, once, twice….sometimes 4 times or more. I've also not been getting texts, or I don't get them until I text the person and then all of a sudden I will get all their texts at once. I texted my boyfriend at like 5pm, he got random messages at 8pm, 10:30pm and the last one at 1am. Telus keeps telling me they have sent an update to my sim card, and that should fix it. Twice it's been done, and twice it hasn't fixed it. I think I've given up on my HTC Hero…

  12. Jane Sanderson says:

    My son received message for update and since doing so the phone just remains on a black screen and will not do anything else. Made sure its fully charged, took battery out and restarted but to no avail. (orange network) confused!!

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