Carphone Warehouse Sales Boosted by Android

UK mobile retail chain Carphone Warehouse has apparently been able to beat financial expectations over the quarter; apparently this was accomplished due to the rise in demand for Android based smartphones.

According to an article over on Eurodroid by way of The Guardian, Roger Taylor, the chief executive of the Carphone Warehouse has said,.. “This time a year ago we would have been saying that the smartphone demand was mainly for the iPhone and the BlackBerry, but we’ve seen a real advent of Android in the last three to six months”

Apparently analysts had expected Carphone Warehouse sales to grow by 2 percent and shares rose by more than 6.7 percent to 230.5p with Credit Suisse analysts saying it was a “robust performance.”

Android has been rivalling the iconic iPhone but Taylor wouldn’t say just how sales of the two compared but did remark that demand for the iPhone had also been strong in the quarter.