iPhone 4 Retina Display Update for Asphalt 5 Game

The highly popular street racing mobile game from Gameloft Asphalt 5 has now received an update which now supports the iPhone 4 Retina Display and also included several other features.

According to Will Wilson of Pocket Gamer, along with the iPhone 4 Retina Display update, Asphalt 5 also adds support for the iPhone 4 gyroscope meaning the user can use the gyroscope to control the car in Asphalt 5, although Wilson does say that it appears somewhat strange as it isn’t the “natural motion for steering.”

Furthermore, the Asphalt 5 update also includes multitasking support for iOS 4, so as one would expect which is becoming the norm in the App Store, Asphalt 5 has been iOS 4 tested.

So if you are an ardent gamer with an iPhone 4 and want to get Asphalt 5 you can do so by hitting up the App Store where is it available for £2.99 or if you are American $4.99.