Free iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Solution from Best Buy

Apple may be finding it difficult to push out a free iPhone 4 bumper case to their customers, but a bumper case isn’t the only solution to the iPhone 4 antenna issue. There are other cases and solutions around, but most the customer has to pay for, but maybe not if you are a Best Buy customer.

According to an article over on Engadget by Darren Murph, a Best Buy flyer has shown up which offers a free invisibleShield 4Fix, which usually costs $9.99 to iPhone 4 users as a solution to the antenna issue.

At first it wasn’t clear if Best Buy were actually offering the free solution to all iPhone 4 users, but on checking back with their tipster and receiving the full details from Best Buy it turns out that as long as you are a Best Buy customer that purchased the iPhone 4 from Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, or a Best Buy Reward Zone member they will give you a free invisibleShield 4Fix.

Apparently Best Buy’s official name for the solution is the Zagg SideShield and not only will Best Buy give you the item for free but will also fit the solution to your iPhone 4 handset if you wish, nice move by Best Buy.


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